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All of the following contributed to the fall of the Aztecs accept
a) European diseases
b) The superior weapons of the Spanish
c) The Spanish far out numbered the Native Americans
d) Native Americans were forced to pay tribute to the Aztecs

The Line of Demarcation was an imaginary line that divided control of the territory in the Americas between which two countries?
a) England and France
b) Spain and Portugal
c) Incas and Aztecs
d) Mayas and Spain

Who defeated the Incas?
a) San Martin
b) Columbus
c) Cortez
d) Pizarro

Who defeated the Aztecs?
a) Pizarro
b) Cortez
c) Columbus
d) Bolivar

Why did Columbus call the people he met Indians?
a) That's what they called themselves.
b) He knew who they were.
c) He thought he was in India.
d) None of the above

What is a mestizo?
a) a person of mixed Spanish and Native American ancestory
b) someone who had Spanish parents, but was born in Latin America
c) a military dictator
d) a large farm

Where were most Native Americans forced to work?
a) Mestizos
b) Haciendas
c) in factories
d) no one would give them jobs

What were the two most important provinces in Spain ruled?
a) Peru and Mexico City
b) Mexico City and Lima
c) New Spain and Peru
d) Mexico City and Lima

Some of the effects of European rule were
a) the Spanish began importing African slaves to Latin America
b) the Native Americans died from European diseases
c) the settlers were given the right to demand taxes from the Native Americans
d) all of the above

Who was Moctezuma?
a) The leader of the Mayans
b) The leader of the Aztecs
c) The leader of the Incas
d) The leader of the Quechua

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