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Jimmy Carter was elected president after who?
a) Gerald Ford
b) Richard Nixon
c) Bill Clinton
d) John F. Kennedy

What areas of the world did Gerald Ford have the most problems?
a) Middle East
b) Jay-Z's House
c) China
d) Africa

What is petroleum?
a) Another word for oil
b) Another word for plastic
c) Another word for gas
d) Life

What country did the United States support during the 1973 Egypt/israeli War
a) Israel
b) Egypt
c) Syria
d) US Didn't support anyone

What does OPEC stand for?
a) Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries
b) Oil and Petroleum Exporting Countries
c) Organization of Preliminary Executive Caliphs
d) It doesn't stand for anything

Which one of these options is the MAIN goal of OPEC?
a) Control oil prices
b) Resolve conflicts in the middle east
c) offer support to struggling countries
d) ensure the safety and protection of oil exporting countries

What is stagflation?
a) High unemployment and high inflation
b) economic recession
c) when the oil prices are too high
d) when there are too many jobs and not enough people

What happened during the Camp David Accords
a) Egyptians and Israelis made peace
b) The State of Israel was created
c) Palestinians and Israelis made peace
d) Jimmy Carter resolved the energy crisis

What is Reaganomics?
a) A way to fix stagflation
b) A way to stop poverty
c) A way to fix the energy crisis
d) Reagan's foreign policy

Who received tax cuts under Reaganomics
a) Wealthy
b) Middle Class
c) Poor
d) Government employees

Who was Sandra Day O Conner?
a) 1st female supreme court justice
b) an activist against the Equal Rights Amendment
c) First Irish American Supreme Court Justice
d) Some random person I made up

What country had a terrorist attack that killed 241 Marines?
a) Lebanon
b) Egypt
c) Syria
d) Iran

How did the First Persian Gulf War start?
a) Saddam Hussein invades Kuwait
b) Kuwait attacked Iraq
c) Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction
d) Saudi Arabia starts to attack Jordan

What is a divided government
a) When two parties control a separate branch of government
b) when the president switches political parties
c) When different branches of government disagree

What is the Family and Medical Leave Act?
a) Allow unpaid leave for medical emergencies
b) Allows parents to stay home with their children for 365 days
c) Allows paid paternity leave
d) Allowed women to take time off to have a baby

What ethnic group was targeted during the Balkans crisis?
a) Bosnian Muslims
b) Catholic Croats
c) Orthodox Christian Serbs
d) Coptic Macedonians

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