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The first European colony in the Americas to win independence was
a) Mexico
b) Cuba
c) Haiti
d) Brazil

Two leaders who contributed to independence in South America were
a) Miguel Hidalgo and Jose Morelos
b) Simon Bolivar and Prince Ferdinand
c) Toussaint L\'Ouverture and Bernardo o\'Higgins
d) Jose de San Martin and Simon Bolivar

How did Brazil win independence?
a) Jose de San Martin led an army through the mountains to defeat the Spanish.
b) It was given to them by the Prince of Portugal.
c) They revolted in 1822.
d) Dom Pedro led a bloody independence revolution.

What happened to Simon Bolivar?
a) He died in battle.
b) No one knows.
c) He was captured, convicted of treason, and killed by a firing squad.
d) He became the president of Gran Colombia.

How would you describe the relationship between Bolivar and Prince Ferdinand?
a) They did not get along.
b) None of the above
c) They never met.
d) They worked closely together to rid Latin America of European colonialism.

What was Simon Bolivar\'s dream for South America?
a) He wanted to establish several large countries.
b) He wanted caudillos to run the countries.
c) He wanted to unite South America as one country.
d) He wanted South Americans to invade Europe.

San Martin helped free which three countries?
a) Cuba, Puerto Rica, and Chile
b) Argentina, Peru, and Chile
c) Venezeula, Mexico, and Haiti
d) Venezuela, Brazil, and Mexico

What is a revolution?
a) An overthrow of a government with another taking its place.
b) None of the above
c) A ruler with complete power.
d) A particular administration or government.

Which events helped inspire the criollos to fight for Latin American independence?
a) the spanish battle in Cuzco
b) the Crusades
c) the American and French Revolution
d) the Sapnish battle at Tenochtitlan

He was a crillo priest who helped begin the Mexican Revolution.
a) Jose de San Martin
b) Dom Pedro
c) Miguel Hildalgo
d) Simon Bolivar

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