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Who created methadone?
a) Max Bockmühl and Gustav Ehrhart
b) Stephanie Colisda and Gustav Ehrhart
c) Max Ehrhart and Stephanie Colisda
d) Max Ehrhart and Gustav Bockmühl

What are 3 side effects of opioids?
a) Happiness, Chicken Pox, and Intelligence
b) Flu symptoms, Death, and Vomiting
c) Hypothermia, Coma, and Dialated Pupils
d) Depression, Good Grades, and Fatigue

How many people die from opioid overdose everyday?
a) about 2389 people
b) about 115 people
c) about 5 people
d) about 124 people

What are most opioids created from?
a) Opioid Plant
b) Flowers
c) Food
d) Opium Poppy Plant

What are 3 desired effects of opioids?
a) Relaxation, Sleep, and Meditation
b) A high, Pain-reliever, and happiness
c) Pain-reliever, Euphoria, and Treatment
d) Pain-reliever, Relaxation, and Rapid Heart-rate

Where was one place opioids were discovered?
a) South Sudan
b) Egypt and Italy
c) U.K.
d) Germany

Death from opioid overdose has more than... since ...
a) tripled, 2000
b) quadrupled, 1999
c) quadrupled, 2000
d) doubled, 1897

In New Jersey, how many people died from an opioid overdose in 2016?
a) 999 people
b) 2,056 people
c) 5,798 people
d) 2,065 people

When were the first type opioids discovered?
a) early 1900's
b) late 1900's
c) late 1800's
d) early 1800's

What was one of the first opioids ever made?
a) percocet
b) morphine
c) heroine
d) methadone

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