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What agreement made it easier to trade between Mexico, the United States, and Canada?

Which of the following is true about foreign companies in Latin America?
a) Foreign companies often controlled the economies of Latin American countries.
b) Foreign comanies offered good working conditions and opportunities to Latin American workers.
c) Foreign comapnies pay high wages to Latin American workers.
d) Foeign companies use their profits to help strengthen Latin American economies.

In recent times, many Latin American countries have tried to improve their economies by forming
a) new companies
b) monopolies
c) trade organizations
d) new banks

The Panama Canal was built to
a) increase touism
b) help the industries of Panama and Colombia
c) provide jobs for Native American workers
d) benefit the American trade and the American navy

Most of the caudillos who ruled Latin American countries after independence
a) cared a great deal for the well being of the people of their countries
b) tried to unite South America
c) believed in liberal democratic reform
d) were mainly concerned with getting rich and holding power

Latin American countries relied on exporting
a) manufactured goods
b) building materials
c) farm products and minerals
d) rather than importing

Which US President claimed the US had a right to keep law and order in the Panama region and backed a revolt by the people of Panama against Columbia?
a) George Bush Sr.
b) Theodore Roosevelt
c) Ronald Reagan
d) Bill Clinton

How did Mexico end up with such a large foreign debt.
a) It relied too heavily on the exportantion of oil.
b) The price of oil dropped.
c) There was too much oil on the world market.
d) All of the above

Which country in South America has the largest foreign debt?
a) Peru
b) Mexico
c) Brazil
d) Bolivia

What is a dictator?
a) A plantation
b) A ruler with complete power
c) A government or administration
d) A product to be sold in another country

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