Vocabulary Review Question Preview (ID: 41726)

Pick The Correct Synonym That Goes With The Given Vocabulary Word. TEACHERS: click here for quick copy question ID numbers.

a) Try to act like something else
b) Something that is confusing
c) Not being nice to others
d) something that is edible

a) Does not work
b) Is made up of different parts
c) Is in nature
d) Works very well

a) Completely different
b) Bright
c) Exactly the same
d) Hard to understand

a) A thing used to show what other things are like
b) Watching tv
c) Cooking in the kitchen
d) Something used to cut an object

a) Leaving something unaccompanied
b) looked at closely
c) Something used to distract someone
d) A place you go when you are tired

a) angry
b) hungry
c) happy/content
d) excited

a) Angry/ disappointed
b) Joyful
c) content
d) lonely

a) Quitting
b) Firm continuance in a course of action even if there is difficulties
c) funny
d) Someone who is mean when they have no reason to be

a) Walking through a field
b) someone who is upset
c) something that is cold
d) Going from one thing to another

a) quick
b) slow
c) long
d) tired

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