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A thesaurus is useful for looking up:
a) Quotations
b) Synonyms
c) Quick Facts
d) Definitions

When Boolean Searching, the term "AND":
a) Expands my search results
b) Limits my search results
c) Has no effect on my search results
d) Has absolutely nothing to do with Boolean Searching

__________ is when you copy from someone else without giving proper credit.
a) Cheating
b) Stealing
c) Plagiarism
d) Duplicating

The best way to start a search in an encyclopedia is to:
a) Use the letter volume of your search term
b) Real all of the volumes
c) Use the index
d) Search the title page

A bibliography is the story of someone's life.
a) True
b) False

An autobiography is about a person and can be written by anyone.
a) True
b) False

When ordering books by call number, which of the following comes first?
a) 811.35
b) 811.3
c) 811.14
d) 811.53

The information located at the bottom of the spine label of a book is called what?
a) Table of Contents
b) Call Number
c) Address
d) Book Index

The title of a book is located on the front cover, often the spine of the cover, and here.
a) Foreword
b) Title Page
c) Reference Page
d) Copyright Page

Who created the Dewey Decimal System for classification of books?
a) George Huey
b) Henry Dewey
c) Melville Duey
d) Melvil Dewey

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