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The location on the surface directly above the place where an earthquake took place is called
a) the epicenter
b) the focus
c) the fault
d) the seismic wave

Which two continents collided forming the Appalachian Mountains?
a) North American and Africa
b) North America and Europe
c) South America and Africa
d) South America and Europe

The location along a fault line underground where an earthquake takes place is called
a) the epicenter
b) the focus
c) the fault
d) the p-wave

A mix of water mud and rocks after a volcanic eruption is called
a) a pyroclastic cloud
b) a lahar
c) an earthquake
d) an epicenter

What is the difference between lava and magma?
a) lava is inside the earth and magma is outside
b) magma is inside the earth and lava is outside
c) there is no difference
d) one is white and the other is blue

Why are the Hawiian Islands different ages?
a) they formed as a plate was moving over a hot spot
b) two plates collided
c) there is a divergent boundary underneath
d) they are not different ages

Which type of boundary makes folded mountains?
a) oceanic - oceanic convergent
b) oceanic-continental convergent
c) continental - continental convergent
d) continental - oceanic convergent

All of the following are evidence for seafloor spreading except
a) paleomagnetism
b) mid-ocean ridges
c) the age of oceanic crust
d) hurricanes

A place where one tectonic plate is forced under another one is called a
a) divergent boundary
b) transform boundary
c) mid-ocean ridge
d) subduction zone

Old crust is found
a) closest to where the seafloor is speading
b) furthest way from where the seafloor is spreading
c) all crust is old
d) next to a volcano

The process of magma heating and rising then cooling and sinking is called
a) density currents
b) surface currents
c) convection currents
d) tectonic currents

Where are the convection currents that move the tectonic plates located?
a) crust
b) mantle
c) outer core
d) inner core

The inner most layer of the earth is the
a) core
b) mantle
c) crust
d) lithosphere

The outer most layer of the earth is the
a) crust
b) inner core
c) outer core
d) mantle

What geologic events are most common at tectonic plate boundaries?
a) earthquakes and volcanoes
b) weathering and erosion
c) hurricanes and tornadoes
d) physical and chemical weathering

True or False: Earthquakes are difficult to predict.
a) True
b) False

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