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Which type of organism can obtain energy directly from any of the other organisms in an ecosystem?
a) herbivore
b) carnivore
c) producer
d) decomposed

Which structures are listed in order from the least complex to the most complex?
a) plant cell, leaf, chloroplast, rose bush
b) rose bush, leaf, plant cell, chloroplast
c) chloroplast, leaf, plant cell, rose bush
d) chloroplast, plant cell, leaf, rose bush

The ameba is a single-celled organism what two processes are most closely associated with the ameba's cell membrane?
a) insertion and deletion
b) replication and photosynthesis
c) active transport and diffusion
d) nervous regulation and circulation

Skin cells perform different functions from liver cells the most likely reason for this is that the cells
a) have different DNA codes in their nuclei
b) have different amounts of water in their cytoplasm
c) use different parts of the DNA code
d) use different enzymes in their mitochondria

A piece of refrigerated, cooked meat will remain safe to eat for a longer period of time that a refrigerated piece of raw meat of similar size. Why?
a) Cooking meat kills many bacteria and fungi.
b) Cool temperatures stimulate the growth of microbes on raw meat.
c) Raw meat cannot be preserved.
d) Cooked meat contains antibodies that destroy decomposers.

Animals that eat other organisms for nutrition are known as
a) autotrophic
b) heterotrophic
c) regulatory
d) excretory

If the ribosomes of a cell were destroyed, what effect would this most likely have on the cell?
a) It would stimulate mitotic cell division.
b) Development of abnormal hereditary features would occur in the cell.
c) Increased protein absorption would occur through the cell membrane.
d) The cells would be unable to synthesize proteins.

Which substances play an important role in communication between cells in a multicellular organism by acting as chemical messengers?
a) fats
b) antibiotics
c) minerals
d) hormones

Because yeast reproduce asexually their offspring usually have
a) genes that are different from those of the parent
b) genes that are identical to those of the parent
c) half of the genetic information of the parent
d) organelles that are not found in the parent

The Double Helix DNA is found in living things, which statement describes on characteristic of this molecule?
a) It is the template for replication of genetic information.
b) Organic catalysts are made up of these molecules.
c) It is different in each cell of an organism.
d) Cell membranes contain many of these molecules

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