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One thing that caused industry to grow in the US was-
a) telegraph
b) cotton gin
c) imports from overseas
d) interchangeable parts

Which innovation most directly increased the mass production of many new products for Americans?
a) electricity
b) cotton gin
c) assembly line
d) bessemer products

Various modes of communication have changed the way our country sends and receives messages. Which of the following is NOT a way that communications have changed our economy?
a) many people today work from their homes instead of their offices
b) news is immediately available
c) faster communications make doing business more expensive
d) communication technologies create new industries and jobs

In Texas, industrial growth began with -
a) building of railroads in the 19th century
b) discovery of oil in 1901
c) settlement by farmers in the 19th century
d) settlement by ranchers in the 19th century

When companies try to keep their costs of production down, they are concerned with-
a) customer sovereignty
b) the right to choose our business
c) profit motive
d) right to private property

In the early 1900s many new immigrants living in cities on the East Coast found jobs working in factories, while most immigrants living in the Midwest found jobs as
a) farmers
b) salesmen
c) cowboys
d) train conductors

Which of the following is an example of an entrepreneur?
a) police officer
b) hospital nurse
c) college freshman
d) restaurant owner

In the American free enterprise system, who or what has the GREATEST effect on the price of goods?
a) federal government
b) television advertising
c) competition among sellers
d) the city council

In a free enterprise system, what does an entrepreneur do?
a) loans money to small businesses
b) decreases competition in foreign markets
c) starts and runs a new business
d) serves on a board of directors

During the 1900s many immigrants arrived in the U.S., and many factories opened at the same time. Which change came about because of these events?
a) Most Americans became very wealthy
b) Cities became large and overcrowded
c) Ellis and Angel Islands became overcrowded
d) English became the world's most popular language

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