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What does the Hawk eat?
a) Snakes
b) Flowers
c) Grass
d) Grasshoppers

What creature is at the bottom of the food chain?
a) Mouse
b) Hawk
c) Grass
d) Anaconda

About how many hatchlings become adults?
a) 4-6
b) 2-3
c) 1-2
d) 9-10

Myrtle warblers feed at what part of a tree?
a) Top
b) All of the above
c) Bottom
d) Middle

What are spider webs for?
a) Make insects cozy
b) Show insects are welcome
c) A bed for the spider
d) Trap insects

What animal is threatened?
a) Mexican grizzly bear
b) Dinosaurs
c) Bald Eagle
d) Arizona Cotton Rat

What animal is the fastest on land? (*Extra Credit)
a) Lion
b) Bobcat
c) Jaguar
d) Cheetah

Why does a Polar Bear need a big pool?
a) To stay healthy
b) To get exersise
c) To have fun
d) To cool down

What eats a snake?
a) Hawk
b) Bees
c) Grass
d) Rabbits

This quiz is about...
a) Trees
b) Systems and Interactions in nature
c) Turtles
d) Snakes

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