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Which statement best describes energy in this food web?
a) The energy content of level B depends on the energy content of level C.
b) The energy content of level B is transferred to level A.
c) The energy content of level C is greater than the energy content of level A.
d) The energy content of level A depends on The energy content of level A depends on

What impact do the amounts of available energy,water, and oxygen have on an ecosystem?
a) They act as limiting factors
b) They control environmental temperature.
c) They recycle the residue of dead organisms.
d) They are used as nutrients.

When habitats are destroyed, there are usually fewer niches for animals and plants. This action would most likely not lead to a change in the amount of
a) biodiversity
b) solar radiation reaching the area
c) interaction between species
d) competition

The removal of nearly all the predators from an ecosystem would most likely result in
a) an increase in the number of carnivore species
b) an increase in the number of herbivores
c) a decrease in the size of decomposers
d) a decrease in new predators migrating into the ecosystem

Ecosystems will have a greater chance of maintaining equilibrium over a long period of time if they have
a) organisms imported by humans from other environments
b) predators eliminated from the food chains
c) a diversity of organisms
d) a sudden change in climate

Carnivores would most likely be located in
a) bottom level
b) all levels
c) middle level
d) top level

Which action illustrates an increased understanding and concern by humans for ecological interrelationships?
a) importing organisms in order to stabilize existing ecosystems
b) implementing laws to regulate the number of animals hunted and killed each year
c) removing natural resources at a rate equal to the needs of the population
d) eliminating pollution standards for industries that promote technology

One irreversible effect of both deforestation and water pollution on the environment is the
a) extinction of species
b) increase in renewable resources
c) depletion of atmospheric carbon dioxide levels
d) thinning of the ozone shield

Which statement describes a situation that leads to stability within an ecosystem?
a) Carbon dioxide and water are released only by abiotic sources in the ecosystem.
b) Organisms provide all the necessary energy for the maintenance of this ecosystem.
c) Animals provide the oxygen used by plants, and plants provide the nitrogen needed by animals.
d) Interactions between biotic and abiotic components regulate carbon dioxide and water levels.

Which condition would most likely upset the stability of an ecosystem?
a) a cycling of elements between organisms and the environment
b) a greater mass of animals than plants
c) green plants incorporating sunlight into organic compounds
d) energy constantly entering the environment

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