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Sound travels SLOWEST through:
a) Plasma
b) Liquid
c) Solid
d) Gas

What part of a sound wave is related to its FREQUENCY or pitch?
a) amplitude
b) wavelength
c) crest
d) trough

What part pf a sound wave is related to its LOUDNESS or intensity?
a) wavelength
b) crest
c) trough
d) amplitude

What is the highest frequency that humans can hear?
a) 20 hz
b) 20,000 hz
c) 100,000 hz
d) 100 hz

What is the lowest frequency that humans can hear?
a) 20,000 hz
b) 5 hz
c) 20 hz
d) 200 hz

The loudness, or intensity, of a sound is measured in:
a) hertz
b) decibels
c) meters
d) seconds

In order for sound to occur, something must:
a) bend
b) move
c) vibrate
d) collide

What does sound travel through the FASTEST?
a) solid
b) liquid
c) gas
d) plasma

A reflected sound wave creates a(n):
a) echo
b) shock wave
c) rainbow
d) noise

Bats and whales use ___________ to help find food.
a) echolocation
b) wings and fins
c) sense of smell
d) the internet

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