Social Studies Basic Knowledge Question Preview (ID: 416)

This Quiz Will Test Your Basic Knowledge Of Third Grade Social Studies Topics. TEACHERS: click here for quick copy question ID numbers.

What is an immigrant?
a) someone who moves to a new country to live
b) a factory worker
c) a farmer
d) a judge on the Supreme Court

Who is the leader of the United States?
a) president
b) king
c) mayor
d) governor

What does the word "elect" mean?
a) pick by voting
b) to try something new
c) to eat at a new restaurant
d) to tell peolpe the rules

Which of these shows respect for the rights of others?
a) walking quietly in the hallway at school
b) talking in class when the students are taking a test
c) cutting in the lunchline so you can be first
d) stealing something from the desk of a classmate

What does the national anthem "The Star Spangled Banner" honor?
a) the flag
b) the Washington Monument
c) the Liberty Bell
d) the Statue of Liberty

What is "climate"?
a) weather an area has over a long period of time
b) location of a community
c) seasons in a year
d) physical surroundings in a habitat

A person who is a citizen of the United States is ......
a) an America.
b) a Japanese.
c) an astronaut.
d) a foreigner.

What are things that people make or grow called?
a) goods
b) services
c) needs
d) wants

What are the pictures on maps that stand for something else called?
a) symbols
b) towns
c) borders
d) stars

Washington, D.C. is the capital of ........
a) the United States.
b) the world.
c) North America
d) West Virginia

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