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If an ecosystem is changed through a natural disaster, organisms will have the best chance of survival if
a) their environment has few abiotic factors
b) the organisms are large
c) the population size is small
d) their species exhibits genetic variation

The relationship that exists when athlete’s foot fungus grows on a human is an example of
a) predator/prey
b) producer/consumer
c) parasite/host
d) decomposer/autotroph

In state forests and parks containing varieties of flowering trees and shrubs, there are signs that say “Take nothing but pictures, leave nothing but footprints.” These signs are n
a) humans can destroy habitats by removing flowering trees and shrubs
b) all animals feed directly on flowering shrubs that may be removed by people
c) removal of flowering trees and shrubs will increase biodiversity
d) flowering shrubs grow best in state forests and parks

If several species of carnivores are removed from an ecosystem, the most likely effect on the ecosystem will be
a) an increase in the kinds of autotrophs
b) a decrease in the number of abiotic factors
c) a decrease in stability among populations
d) an increase in the rate of succession

One reason why people should be aware of the impact of their actions on the environment is that
a) ecosystems are never able to recover once they have been adversely affected
b) the depletion of finite resources cannot be reversed
c) there is a decreased need for new technology
d) there is a decreased need for substances produced by natural processes

Which statement best describes some organisms in the food web shown below?
a) Minnows and fish are primary consumers
b) Algae and floating plants are decomposers.
c) Aquatic crustaceans are omnivores.
d) Raccoons, fish, and ducks are secondary consumers.

Two of the herbivores represented in this food web are
a) Owl and Snakes
b) Deer and Cricket
c) Mouse and Hawk
d) Racoon and Frog

Which human activity will most likely have a negative effect on global stability?
a) decreasing water pollution levels
b) increasing recycling programs
c) decreasing habitat destruction
d) increasing world population growth

What is this picture an example of
a) competition
b) evolution
c) succession
d) homeostasis

A certain plant requires moisture, oxygen, carbon dioxide, light, and minerals in order to survive. This statement shows that a living organism depends on
a) biotic factors
b) abiotic factors
c) symbiotic relationships
d) carnivore-herbivore relationships

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