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Which of the following officials had the greatest amount of executive power in the Canadian government?
a) Governor General
b) Supreme Court
c) Prime Minister
d) Sovereign

Canada's most important trading partner is
a) the World Trade Organization
b) the United States
c) New France
d) Norway

Canada currently ranks first in the world in which category?
a) Total number of Internet users
b) Percentage of college and university graduates
c) Average unemployment among citizens
d) Literacy rate of adult population

Which of the following is an abundant natural resource found in Canada?
a) gold
b) uranium
c) timber
d) cotton

Canada had a bilingual government, which means
a) all elected officials must be fluent in both English and French
b) the country has two official languages, English and French
c) every citizen is required to speak two languages.
d) the country has two official languages, English and Spanish

Like Great Britain, Canada's government system is a
a) constitutional monarchy
b) dictatorship
c) oligarchy
d) direct democracy

The Canadian Parliament's two house are
a) the Senate and the Supreme Court
b) the House of Representatives and the Senate.
c) the House of Commons and the Senate
d) the House of Commons and the House of Representatives

The concept of multiculturalism encourages Canadians to
a) speak only French in the populated cities.
b) maintain their family traditions while also sharing a Canadian identity.
c) focus on their own ethnic backgrounds.
d) embrace English traditions above French ones.

How do the huge plains in the United States affect the way people live there?
a) The very rugged land makes settlement difficult.
b) The volcanic soil hardens into new land.
c) The tall mountains provide lumber.
d) The rich soil is good for farming.

How do the United States and Canada appear when viewed from outer space?
a) as one landmass
b) as a landmass divided by the Atlantic Ocean
c) as two separate countries
d) as different continents

What was the purpose of the United States Constitution that was approved in 1788?
a) It officially ended the Revolutionary War.
b) It demanded an end to the British tariff system.
c) It set up the framework of the government.
d) It inspired many colonists to fight for their independence.

Which statement best explains why the Louisiana Purchase of 1803 was important to the development of the United States?
a) It resulted in immigration from France to the United States.
b) It created new taxes on imported goods.
c) It encouraged Native Americans to settle more land in the West.
d) It doubled the size of the country.

What was one event that helped make the United States a world power?
a) The country fought in World War II.
b) The country fought in the French and Indian War.
c) The country signed the Peace of Paris.
d) The country experienced the Great Depression.

Why did English settlers come to America?
a) to become missionaries.
b) to become fur traders.
c) to find gold.
d) to start a new life.

How did the doctrine of Manifest Destiny in the United States affect the development of the country in the 1800s?
a) Many Americans moved westward across the continent to settle new territories.
b) American encouraged Native Americans to move eastward across the country.
c) Americans wanted to develop the eastern coast of the United States.
d) Many Americans moved to European countries looking for work.

After Lincoln's election as President, why did some Southern states withdraw from the United States?
a) to abolish slavery
b) to become part of Mexico.
c) to establish closer ties with Great Britain.
d) to found a new country

Customs give people
a) a sense that they do not belong.
b) the same religion.
c) the ability to learn a new language.
d) a sense of identity.

One way in which immigrants change American life is by
a) bringing their ethnic customs.
b) studying American laws.
c) learning English.
d) refusing to speak their native languages.

The people who first made use of the abundant resources of southern Canada were members of
a) the First Nations
b) New France
c) British Columbia
d) the Inuit

Where is Canada's population density highest?
a) In cities along the Atlantic and Pacific Coasts
b) In the cities in central Canada
c) In the cities of Northern Canada
d) In cities along the United States border

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