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possibility or promise
a) brawl
b) Bob Marley
c) lavish
d) potential

irritable or easily annoyed; ill-tempered.
a) gaudy
b) lavish
c) peevish
d) corgi meat

being large in amount or expensive, more than enough.
a) braggart
b) lavish
c) vicious
d) Goat chez

not able to read or write
a) illiterate
b) pineapple
c) flaw
d) acrid

decorated with too much bright colors or patterns.
a) potential
b) lavish
c) Dónde está la leche
d) gaudy

a fault or defect
a) dumbfounded
b) Dónde está la leche
c) flaw
d) lavish

to confuse, amaze, or astonish
a) lavish
b) dumfounded
c) ling ling
d) flaw

well-behaved; easy to handle
a) docile
b) dumbfounded
c) Bulbasaur
d) lavish

to fight or argue noisily
a) illiterate
b) acrid
c) docile
d) brawl

one who boasts alot
a) flaw
b) peevish
c) braggart
d) retort

enthusiastic praise or approval
a) acclaim
b) braggart
c) flaw

bitter in taste or smell; sharply irritating
a) Brace Face
b) acrid
c) brawl
d) docile

a sharp reply or counterarguement
a) retort
b) brawl
d) flaw

likely to be cruel or violent; fierce
a) meats
b) vicious
c) gaudy
d) potential

a distant view as seen from a particular point or through an opening such as between buildings or trees.
a) acclaim
b) peevish
c) Vista
d) Flabbs To Abbbbs

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