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Who founded the SCLC?
a) Martin Luther King, Jr.
b) Andrew Young
c) Maynard Jackson
d) Tyler Perry

This system of disfranchisement lasted until 1946 and it kept African Americans from voting in the Democratic Primary in Georgia.
a) White Primary
b) grandfather clause
c) literacy test
d) voter registration

The port expansion project in Savannah is being spurred by the expansion of what vital world trade center?
a) Panama Canal
b) St. Lawrence Seaway
c) Strait of Hormuz
d) Suez Canal

What talented filmmaker calling Atlanta his home has built one of the largest film studios in the world on the site of the former Fort McPherson
a) Tyler Perry
b) Stephen Speilberg
c) Rob Reiner
d) Oprah Winfrey

One of the greatest transportation advantages enjoyed by Georgia is access to the ocean through two deepwater ports. These are located in Brunswick and
a) Savannah
b) Brunswick
c) Waycross
d) St. Mary's

While president, Jimmy Carter negotiated the Camp David Peace Accords between
a) Egypt and Israel
b) Israel and Saudi Arabia
c) Egypt and Iraq
d) Israel and Canada

The pressure put on by King's March on Washington forced Congress into the passage of this law that put the full weight of the federal government behind ending segregation.
a) 1964 Civil Rights Act
b) Fourteenth Amendment
c) Brown v. Board of Education
d) SCLC founding

Which of the following was a problem with the Atlanta Olympics?
a) There was a lack of transportation infrastructure that led to horrible traffic congestion.
b) Millions of dollars were spent to build world class sporting facilities in Atlanta and the state.
c) Terrorists took six Israeli athletes hostage and later killed them.
d) There were absolutely NO problems associated with the Atlanta Olympics.

Lester Maddox first came to national fame and attention when he took what action to stop the integration of his Pickrick Restaurant?
a) He threatened black patrons with an axe handle.
b) He sued the Attorney General of the United States.
c) He burned a copy of the United States Constitution.
d) He led a white man's march on Washington, DC.

Which of the following BEST explains why the Albany Movement ultimately failed to achieve its goals?
a) The organizers attempted to do too much at one time.
b) The protesters were met with violent opposition from Albany city police and the National Guard.
c) King was not involved in planning the Albany Movement.
d) The president sent troops to break the strikes.

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