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Who was the leader of Germany during WWII?
a) Benito Mussolini
b) Hideki Tojo
c) Adolf Hitler

Who was the leader of Italy during WWII?
a) Benito Mussolini
b) Hideki Tojo
c) Adolf Hitler

At the beginning of WWII which side does the US join?
a) Axis Powers
b) Allied Powers

Germany continually bombs a country throughout WWII. What is this called?
a) The Battle of the Bulge
b) The Battle of Little Bighorn
c) The Battle of Britain
d) Battle Brothers

What Acts do the United States pass to resist getting involved in WWII?
a) Neutrality Acts
b) Networking Acts
c) Actions

What does the phrase ‘worldwide depression’ mean?
a) There is an economic boom.
b) Very few countries exist.
c) Many countries are suffering from an economic crisis.
d) Most of the world is sad.

What country was blamed for WWI? This is a direct cause of WWII.
a) England
b) Poland
c) Germany
d) Ireland

What country does Germany invade on September 1, 1939?
a) France
b) Italy
c) Germany
d) Poland

Which countries make up the Axis Powers?
a) Japan, Italy, Poland
b) USA, Great Britain, USSR
c) Germany, Italy, Japan

After Germany begins WWII, who is the first to declare war on Germany?
a) Italy
b) Great Britain
c) The United States
d) Argentina

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