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What upsetting news did Sam bring to his family?
a) He had decided to quit school at Yale.
b) He was marrying Betsy Read at Christmas.
c) The British soldiers had marched on Lexington
d) He was joining the British army

What is true about Tim?
a) He is selfish
b) He is mean
c) He likes to follow the rules
d) He is a bad student

What is NOT a factors that influences Tim’s decisions throughout the book?
a) a. Tim listens to his mother's advice.
b) b. Tim wants to be just like his brother Sam
c) c. Tim wants to do what is right.
d) d. Tim wants to make his father proud

Who captured Tim's father?
a) Indians
b) British
c) cow-boys
d) Rebels

What event makes Tim grow up?
a) His brother going to Yale
b) His mother dyng
c) His father being captured
d) Going away to school

Who is Sam's girlfriend?
a) Sarah Bockhausen
b) Betsy Read
c) Betsy Morello
d) Rebecca Meeker

Where do the Meeker's live?
a) Redding
b) Reading
c) Richmond
d) Lexington

How do the Meeker's make a lliving?
a) Farmers
b) Own a tavern
c) bankers
d) shippers

Who was NOT in conflict in the book?
a) Tim and Sam
b) Sam and Father
c) Father and Tim
d) Betsy and Sam

For what crime is Sam convicted?
a) Stealing Cows
b) Deserting the army
c) getting in a fight
d) being a trader

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