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Which of the following is a biotic factor in an ecosystem?
a) Water
b) trees
c) sunlight
d) soil

The place organisms live that provide all their basic needs
a) Habitat
b) Population
c) Community
d) Ecosystem

The smallest unit of organization in an ecosystem
a) Population
b) Ecosystem
c) Organism
d) Community

Which of the following is an example of a population?
a) All the animals in an ecosystem
b) all the kinds of trees in a forest
c) The mule deer in a forest
d) The Rocks in a field

A way to estimate populations by counting the organisms in a small area and multiplying
a) Mark & Recapture
b) Sampling
c) Population Density
d) Direct Observation

Most individuals are added to a population by ______________________.
a) Sampling
b) Immigration
c) Mark & Recapture
d) Birth of offspring

When a herd of animals leave an area to look for better food sources
a) Emigration
b) Increasing birth rate
c) Immigration
d) Decreasing death rate

An organism\'s role in its ecosystem
a) Carrying capacity
b) Competition
c) Niche
d) Ecosystem

Behaviors & physical characteristics that make survival possible
a) Habitats
b) Adaptations
c) Biotic Factors
d) Limiting Factors

The struggle for survival with limited resources
a) Competition
b) Symbiosis
c) Parasitism
d) Predation

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