Middle Ages Test 2 (Christendom Test 1) Question Preview (ID: 41486)

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Who owned all the land in the Middle Ages
a) Vassals
b) King
c) Lords
d) Church

Who was not allowed to leave the manor without permission
a) serf
b) peasant
c) knight
d) vassal

What did the vikings value
a) War and blood feuds
b) travel and trade
c) education and science
d) poetry and writing

What kind of work does a Thatcher do?
a) fix roofs
b) build roads
c) make houses
d) work in the mill

What was not the goal of the Manor
a) self-supporting
b) safe
c) profitable
d) beautiful

The lord had the responsibility of providing a castle for defense
a) True
b) False

Knights had to attend court for the Lord
a) True
b) False

Peasants were allowed to leave the Manor
a) True
b) False

The economic system of the Middle Ages
a) Manorialism
b) Feudalism
c) Medieval
d) Fief

The social/political system of the Middle Ages
a) Feudalism
b) Manorialism
c) Medieval
d) Fiefdoms

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