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A disease that is caused from a lack of a specific nutrient...
a) Deficiency Disease
b) Foodborne Illness
c) Diabetes
d) Atherosclerosis

A compound that can be changed into a compound in the body...
a) Precursor
b) Phytochemical
c) Saturated Fat
d) Garnish

Changing a liquid into a soft, semisolid clot or solid mass...
a) Coagulation
b) Denaturation
c) Hydrogenation
d) Crystallization

Minerals the body needs in daily amounts of 0.1 g or less...
a) Trace Mineral
b) Major Mineral
c) Fat Soluble Mineral
d) Incomplete Mineral

Excessively large amounts of vitamins...
a) Megadoses
b) Precursors
c) Phytochemicals
d) Solutes

A protein that is lacking one or more essential amino acids...
a) Incomplete Protein
b) Complete Protein
c) Trace Protein
d) Unsaturated Protein

Minerals needed in amounts of 0.1 g or more daily...
a) Major Mineral
b) Trace Mineral
c) Precursor Mineral
d) Fat Soluble Mineral

A type of organic acid that, when chained together with peptide bonds, makes proteins...
a) Amino Acid
b) Incomplete Protein
c) Cholesterol
d) Carboxyl Acid

The process that changes the shape of protein molecules without breaking its peptide bonds...
a) Denaturation
b) Coagulation
c) Caramelization
d) Hydrogenation

Compounds that come from plant sources and may help improve health and reduce the risk of some diseases...
a) Phytochemicals
b) Precursors
c) Major Minerals
d) Trace Minerals

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