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Which statement is NOT TRUE about WWI?
a) The Treaty of Versailles blamed Germany for the war.
b) The war started because the Lusitania was hit by a British missile,
c) The Treaty of Versailles had a negative impact on Germany's economy.
d) The US helped the Allies.

________________ was a period in time when music, literature and theater began to reflect African American culture.
a) Civil War
b) Harlem Renaissance
c) Jazz Renaissance
d) World War I

When was WWI?
a) before the 1920's
b) during the 1920's
c) after the 1920's

_______________________ is best known for being the first person to make a transatlantic flight.
a) Babe Ruth
b) Charles Lindbergh
c) Langston Hughes
d) Louis Armstrong

________________________ is best known for his contributions to baseball in the 1920's.
a) Babe Ruth
b) Billie Holliday
c) Charles Lindbergh
d) Red Grange

What is Henry Ford best known for inventing?
a) assembly line
b) radio
c) telephone
d) traffic light

Which African American was best known for his contributions to poetry in the Harlem Renaissance?
a) Babe Ruth
b) Langston Huges
c) Louis Armstrong
d) Machine Gun Kelley

Which African American is best known for his contributions to jazz muisc?
a) Billie Holliday
b) Langston Hughes
c) Louis Armstrong
d) Machine Gun Kelley

The Treaty of ______________ ended WW I.
a) Europe
b) Paris
c) New York
d) Versailles

One reason the U.S. entered WWI is because the _____________________ was sunk by German torpedoes.
a) Lusitania
b) Queen Mary
c) Sussex
d) Titanic

________________ is not choosing sides in a conflict.
a) Armistice
b) Democracy
c) Negotiations
d) Neutrality

Which American president was in leadership during WW1?
a) Herbert Hoover
b) Franklin Roosevelt
c) Teddy Roosevelt
d) Woodrow Wilson

Which statement describes the U.S. policy toward WW1?
a) Enter on the side of the Allied Powers.
b) Enter on the side of the Central Powers.
c) Remain neutral
d) Supply both sides with materials.

Threats by Germany to this country's national security caused _______________ to enter WW1?
a) France
b) Great Britain
c) Italy
d) United States

Which country had to pay reparations after WW1?
a) Austria-Hungary
b) Germany
c) Russia
d) United States

Which statement IS TRUE about WW1?
a) Germany entered the war because the U.S. attacked its ships.
b) The assassination of the heir to the throne of Austria-Hungary started the war.
c) The U.S. entered the war because Russia sent Mexico a telegram about attacking the U.S.
d) The 3 main countries in the Triple Alliance were France, Great Britain and Germany.

Which statement is NOT TRUE about the Jazz Era?
a) Babe Ruth's success increased the popularity of baseball.
b) The Harlem Renaissance was a period of growth for African American artists.
c) Henry Ford made history when he made the first transatlantic flight.
d) Langston Hughes was one of the main contributors to the music of the era.

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