Lesson 26 Andrew Carnegie And Rockefeller Part 2 Question Preview (ID: 41475)

This Is The Second Review Of The Progressive Era. TEACHERS: click here for quick copy question ID numbers.

W. E. B. Du Bois helped found the NAACP in order to work for
a) equal rights for African Americans
b) humane treatment of animals
c) protection of the environment

What was NAACP’s goal?
a) to make African Americans physically, mentally, politically, and socially free
b) to get African Americans jobs
c) to become the largest political organization in the US

Who was Muir ally in preserving the national forest?
a) President Theodore Roosevelt
b) school children
c) the senate

What did Muir believe should be done to wonders, like Yosemite, in the world?
a) they should be preserved in the natural state
b) hotels should be built there so people could enjoy them
c) they should be drained of their natural resources

What improvements that occurred in factory safety?
a) both are true
b) women workers to take pregnancy leave
c) provide garment workers with chairs that had backs, rather than simple stools

Why did Mother Jones lead the “March of the Mill Children”?
a) to petition President Roosevelt to support child labor laws
b) to help find homes for orphaned children
c) to be politically active

What law did Congress pass to enforce standards for food?
a) The Pure Food and Drug Act
b) The Meat Packers Act
c) The Consumers Rights Act

What did the Pure Food and Drug law require?
a) The use of safe ingredients and to advertise them truthfully.
b) The use of only organic ingredients.
c) The use of only healthy ingredients.

What did the women who were fighting for the right to vote referred to as?
a) Suffragettes
b) Feminists
c) Ladies

What happened when The Woman’s Party began holding silent vigils outside the White House?
a) Police began to arrest them for ridiculous reasons.
b) The President came out to talk to them.
c) The men got angry.

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