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Your team measures an object 3 times. You get 34.0 cm, 34.1 cm, 34.2 cm The actual value is 39.0 cm. Your team's measuresments are ____________
a) precise but not accurate
b) accurate but not precise
c) both accurate and precise
d) neither accurate nor precise

The most important lab safety rule is _______
a) always wear safety goggles
b) design and conduct your own experiments always
c) always wear a lab apron
d) always follow your teacher's instrustions and lab directions

Liquid volumes are measured in units called _________________________
a) grams
b) milliliters
c) kilograms
d) meters

The official SI unit for mass is ____________
a) kilogram
b) meter
c) cubic centimeter
d) g/mL

Mass and weight are different because
a) mass measures the amount of space an object takes up
b) weight measures the amount of space an object takes up
c) mass measures the force of gravity
d) weight mesures the force of gravity

______________________ is a measure of the amount of gravity acting on an object?
a) weight
b) mass
c) volume
d) density

If your measuring an object and you get a value very close to the actual value, you are ________________.
a) wrong
b) accurate
c) all of these
d) good

What is the first thing you should do if an accident occurs in your classroom?
a) Run out of the room screaming.
b) Start first aid treatment
c) Notify the teacher
d) Call 911 on your cell phone

The metric system is based on the number _______
a) 10
b) 100
c) 1
d) 12

If scientists cannot obtain exact numbers, they rely on _____________
a) calculation
b) estimates
c) assumptions
d) measurements

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