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Pockets of fat storing cells...
a) Adipose Tissue
b) Hydrogenation
c) Incomplete Protein
d) Cholesterol

A condition in which the body cannot regulate blood glucose levels...
a) Diabetes
b) Atherosclerosis
c) Scurvy
d) Foodborne Illness

Containing more dissolved solute than it would normally hold at a temperature...
a) Supersaturated
b) Homogeneous Mixture
c) Saturated Fat
d) Solvent

A sterol that can cause a buildup of plaque along the inner walls of the arteries....
a) Cholesterol
b) Bile
c) Saturated Fat
d) Scurvy

Hardening of the arteries- a buildup of plaque along the inner walls of the arteries...
a) Atherosclerosis
b) Diabetes
c) Foodborne Illness
d) Deficiency Disease

The browning reaction that can occur with any type of sugar...
a) Caramelization
b) Crystallization
c) Supersaturation
d) Hydrogenation

A property of sugar that occurs when a supersaturated sugar solution is heated and then cools...
a) Crystallization
b) Caramelization
c) Hydrogenation
d) Denaturation

When fatty acids contain all the hydrogen atoms that they can hold (single bonds)...
a) Saturated Fat
b) Unsaturated Fat
c) Hydrogenation
d) Coagulation

The process in which plants use the sun’s energy to convert carbon dioxide and water into carbohydrates & oxygen...
a) Photosynthesis
b) Caramelization
c) Peristalsis
d) Denaturation

When hydrogen is added to unsaturated fat molecules, breaking double bonds & replacing them with single bonds...
a) Hydrogenation
b) Coagulation
c) Metabolism
d) Supersaturation

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