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Chapter 4-5 - Heredity And Genetics. TEACHERS: click here for quick copy question ID numbers.

The total number of cells in an organism increases as a result of which process?
a) respiration
b) photosynthesis
c) cell division
d) fermentation

The alleles for a hybrid tall pea plant are represented as ____________.
a) TT
b) Tt
c) TS
d) tt

A seed can be round or wrinkled. Seed shape is __________.
a) a trait
b) an allele
c) a factor
d) a gene

When parent plants are crossed scientists refer to the first generation of offspring as _______________.
a) P
b) F2
c) 1F
d) F1

What Mendal called factors are now called ________________.
a) heredity
b) genes
c) purebreds
d) traits

What are alleles?
a) Different types of sex cells
b) Different kinds of chromosomes
c) Different classes of DNA
d) Different forms of the same gene

What is a fertilized egg that has begun diving into more cells called?
a) Sex cell
b) DNA
c) Embryo
d) Alleles

Which process results in two nuclei with the exact same information?
a) Fertilization
b) Mutation
c) Reproduction
d) Mitosis

The study of how traits are passed from parent to offspring is called _____________.
a) Mitosis
b) Mutation
c) Genetics
d) Meiosis

During meiosis, ________separate for a trait.
a) Cells
b) Sex cells
c) Clones
d) Genes

What chemical makes up chromosomes
a) Sulfuric acid
b) Water
c) Sodium Bicarbonate
d) Deoxyribonucleic acid

Sperm and eggs are types of cells called ______________.
a) Embryos
b) Sex cells/gametes
c) Mutations
d) Genes

True or False. Growing a new plant from cutting taken from an existing plant is an example of sexual reproduction.
a) True
b) False

True or False. In the process of mitosis, a single cell divides into two identical cells.
a) True
b) False

True or False. In asexual reproduction, offspring receive DNA from two parents.
a) True
b) False

Chromatids are held together by a ______________.
a) spindle fiber
b) centromere
c) cell plate
d) centriole

The formation of a cell plate is a characteristic of _________________.
a) cytokinesis in plant cells
b) cytokinesis in animal cells
c) both answers are correct
d) neither answer is correct

The correct order for the parts of mitosis are ___________.
a) prophase, interphase, metaphase, anaphase
b) telophase, anaphase, metaphase, prophase
c) interphase, prophase, metaphase, telophase
d) prophase, metaphase, anaphase, telophase

The process that produces sex cell is _________________.
a) Mitosis
b) Meiosis
c) Fertilization
d) Cloning

Body cells of humans have _______________ pairs of chromosomes.
a) 46
b) 23
c) 44
d) 22

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