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What is a large raised area of mostly level land?
a) Plateau
b) Pampas
c) Rain forest
d) Amazon River

What is a river or stream that flows into a larger river or stream?
a) Rain forest
b) Tributary
c) Isthmus
d) Plateau

What is a flat grassland region?
a) Middle America
b) Rain forest
c) Plateau
d) Pampas

What is a warming of the ocean water along the western coast of South America?
a) El Nino
b) Patagonia
c) Elevation
d) Water shed

Why is Mexico's Central Plateau an important region?
a) Most of the tourists visit this region.
b) Many minerals are found there.
c) Most of Mexico's people live there.
d) There are no resources.

How does it affect the economy in Chile when the price of copper drops.
a) The price of copper never drops.
b) The economy suffers.
c) It does not affect the economy.
d) The economy improves.

Some Caribbean islands are formed from the top of underwater volcanoes while others are formed from
a) earthquakes and hurricanes
b) the skeletons of tiny sea animals
c) active volocanoes
d) high, flat plateaus

Latin America is located in the
a) Northern Hemisphere
b) Southern Hemisphere
c) Eastern Hemisphere
d) Western Hemishpere

When El Nino warms the ocean,
a) plants grow
b) fishing improves
c) it does not affect South America
d) the fishing industry suffers

Among the factors that affect the climate in Latin America are
a) earthquakes, hurricanes, and volcanoes
b) elevation, distance from the equator, and wind patterns
c) vegetation, elevation, and earthquakes
d) El Nino, hurricanes, and volcanoes

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