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What battle was the turning point of the Civil War?
a) Vicksburg
b) Fort Sumter
c) Gettysburg
d) Appomattox

What was the summary of Lincoln's Second Inaugural Address?
a) if a state leaves the union, there will be a war
b) the united states should wake up to religion again
c) the south should be PUNISHED for leaving the union
d) letting the south PEACEFULLY join the union again

What was the impact of Sharecropping on freed African Americans?
a) freed slaves got new homes, cars, and jobs
b) Slaves now get to share in the profit of working on plantations
c) slaves where reunited with their families and owned a farm
d) they were tied to white landowners in a cycle of debt

What are the Black Codes
a) laws that help Blacks enter back into society
b) laws that limit the rights that were given in the reconstruction amendments
c) laws that require all freed Africans to enter back into slavery after 5 years
d) laws to encourage blacks to get out and be a part of the community

What do Philip Bazaar and William Carney have in common?
a) they were both fatally wounded in Fortnite
b) they received the congressional medal of honor
c) they fought hard to split the confederacy in half
d) they were the leaders of the North and South

What principle of government was demonstrated in the Kansas-Nebraska Act?
a) checks and balances
b) popular sovereignty
c) federalism
d) republicanism

More factories, railroad lines, telegraph lines, bank deposits, and population are examples of what?
a) economic advantages held by the North
b) economic disadvantages held by the North
c) economic disadvantages held by the South
d) economic advantages held by the South

The Emancipation Proclamation was a speech that did what?
a) strengthened the Union by encouraging African Americans to fight
b) freeing all slaves in the North and South
c) Letting all former slaves get the right to vote and become a citizen
d) Was caused by Daniel Webster and Henry Clay's constant fighting

Which section of American profited from the cultivation of cotton?
a) North
b) Northeast
c) West
d) South

What was the result or effect of the Kansas-Nebraska Act?
a) South Carolina left the Union
b) Confederate troops retreated to the Mississippi
c) Fighting broke out between pro-slavery and anti-slavery groups
d) There was finally a compromise the solved increasing tensions

What amendment was about STATES' RIGHTS/gave power to the states and people?
a) Amendment 1
b) Amendment 10
c) Amendment 2
d) Amendment 6

What are the 13th, 14th, and 15th amendments respectively?
a) Citizen Free Vote
b) Vote Free Citizen
c) Citizen Will Vote
d) Free Citizen Vote

The book Uncle Tom's Cabin would be supported by which group?
a) Plantation owners
b) Abolitionists
c) Patriots
d) Sons of Liberty

The quote 'We think people of African ancestry are not included as an American 'citizen'' proves what?
a) Support for the Gibbons V. Ogden case
b) Support for the Marbury V. Madison case
c) Support for the Dred Scott V. Sandford case
d) Support for the Worcester V. Georgia

The Bombardment of Fort Sumter signaled what?
a) The Confederate attack initiated the war
b) The Union attack initiated the war
c) The end of the Civil War
d) The turning point of the war

This quote from Antietam, 'for a moment the landscape around him turned red' shows what?
a) Both the Union and Confederacy were red with anger
b) Antietam was the end of the war
c) The worst loss for the Confederacy
d) the bloodiest DAY of the Civil War

The rising slave population impacted what for the South?
a) political parties
b) economy
c) tariffs
d) popular sovereignty

The Missouri Compromise and Compromise of 1850 were similar how?
a) They were both created by Daniel Webster
b) Strengthened the American economy
c) Were created by Henry Clay to decrease regional divisions
d) prevented the spread of tariffs

How did the Confederacy loosing control of the Mississippi river lead to their defeat?
a) Cut their army in two and cut of their supplies
b) Most of their troops drowned in the battle
c) Vicksburg was nothing to worry about
d) The river had access to the Union's main base camp

'The Confederates are now our prisoners, and we did not want to exult over their downfall!' What does this quote mean?
a) The confederates won and the war is over
b) Lincoln was no longer president
c) The union did not win
d) After 4 years, the war had ended

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