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This Will Discuss The 4.5 Notes.

Why was Alexander able to conquer the Persian Empire?
a) He could speak their language
b) They were in a rebellion and their leader was murdered
c) The Persians wanted him to be in charge
d) He married a Persian women

How did Alexander encourage the blending of cultures
a) Founded cities in captured lands, traded, and married a Persian
b) Spoke about the importance of diversity
c) He was was blended himself
d) He wrote a book and made others read it

How did Alexander's conquests lead to a new civilization?
a) He didn't
b) He had a strong army
c) He moved the capital
d) He took over cities and made them his own

Why is the Hippocratic Oath considered a medical advancement?
a) It gave free medical care to all
b) It provided new research in how to cure illness
c) Doctors had to protect and treat patients the same
d) Because it happened a long time ago when medicine needed help

In what field did Hellenistic civilization make advancements?
a) Biology Field
b) Medical Field
c) Transformation Field
d) Energy Field

Euclid wrote a book about what topic?
a) Planets
b) Stars
c) Algebra
d) Geometry

Alexander died from what?
a) Gun shot wound
b) An intense battle
c) sickness
d) poison

What is Alexander most lasting achievement?
a) The spread of Greek culture
b) The large battles he fought and won
c) His famous death
d) The moving of places and capitals

Which idea arose during the Hellenistic Age, but was not accepted for more than 2000 more years?
a) The water cycle
b) That a right angle is 90 degress
c) The Persian people invented writing
d) A heliocentric universe

Alexander's father was:
a) Socrates
b) Phillip II
c) Plato
d) Augustus

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