Medieval Europe Review Question Preview (ID: 41433)

Chapters 2/3/4/5.

This Pope proclaimed to the people of Europe that the holy lands of the Middle East must be reclaimed by the Christian faith.
a) Pope Leo III
b) Pope Urban II
c) Pope Gregory VII
d) Pope Charlie

A democracy means...
a) a government run by a select few people
b) a government run by a single individual
c) a government run by a religious group
d) a government run by the people, usually through elections

In the Hundred Years War, France fought against _________, just to the northwest geographically.
a) Denmark
b) Italy
c) Spain
d) England

The Magna Carta established limitations upon the king of England during the 13th century. Which king ruled, and signed, Magna Carta?
a) King Edward I
b) King John
c) King Henry II
d) King Charlemagne

This weapon started the downfall of knights in medieval Europe.
a) Longbow
b) Shield
c) Battle Axe
d) Sling Shot

The bubonic plague ravaged the European continent during the 14th century. What is the estimated amount of deaths suffered in Europe?
a) 50 Million
b) 20 Million
c) 25 Million
d) 100 Million

The French hero, Joan of Arc, was believed to be a heretic by many people in Europe. What is a heretic?
a) A person who fights against the established monarch.
b) A person who has been infected by plague.
c) A person who believes things that were different that the Catholic faith.
d) A person who fights as a knight, even though they aren't in the social status of knight.

The bubonic plague, also known as Black Death, was spread through which of the following ways?
a) Flies
b) Fleas
c) Mosquitoes
d) Raccoons

The Jewish faith hold Jerusalem as one of their most holy sites in the world because
a) Muhammad ascended to heaven in this city.
b) Jesus was crucified on the rock of Golgotha.
c) The temple of Solomon was built in the city.
d) Muslims make a pilgrimage to this city once in their lifetime.

In order to join a guild, a young boy would first become a _________, which means you are in training.
a) Journeyman
b) Apprentice
c) Master
d) Merchant

Which is an example of an unfair aspect to trials in the medieval time period?
a) Juries
b) Judges
c) Combat trials
d) Habeas Corpus

What did a charter do for medieval towns?
a) Allowed towns independence from feudal lords.
b) Allowed towns to be ruled by monarchs.
c) Allowed towns to be run by only the serfs.
d) Allowed towns to go to war with the monarch.

What was one result of the conflict between Pope Gregory VII and King Henry IV?
a) Pope Gregory excommunicated King Henry.
b) Pope Gregory stepped down from his position.
c) Henry began the Crusades to take back the holy land.
d) Henry IV refused to have anything to do with the Church.

Which of the follow sacraments is a formal declaration of the belief in God and the Church?
a) Baptism
b) Confirmation
c) Matrimony
d) Penance

What was Charlemagne's greatest achievement?
a) He was the first Frankish king to become Christian.

People went on the Crusades to seek
a) Wealth
b) Salvation
c) Adventure
d) All of the above.

What were the two stages of a knight's education that he had to complete before becoming a knight?
a) apprentice and journeyman
b) vassal and lord
c) beginner and intermediate
d) page and squire

Which three groups threatened Western Europe in the 9th and 10th century?
a) Romans, Franks, and Clovis.
b) Peasants, serfs, and fiefs.
c) Muslims, Magyars, and Vikings.
d) Normans, Saxons, and Angles.

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