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A document that granted territory to 8 Lord Proprietors.
a) Carolina Charter
b) Declaration of Independence
c) Bill of Rights
d) Magna Carta

A group of citizen soldiers.
a) regulator
b) militia
c) colony
d) proprietor

Laws passed by English Parliament in the 1660s that listed which colonial goods would be taxed.
a) Quartering Acts
b) Navigation Acts
c) Mercantilism Acts
d) Stamp Acts

A colony governed directly by the king.
a) proprietary colony
b) charter colony
c) royal colony
d) king colony

A conflict between Jamestown settlers and Virginia governor over land, economic, and political rights.
a) Culpeper's Rebellion
b) Cary Rebellion
c) Jamestown Rebellion
d) Bacon's Rebellion

A political struggle over the control of the Albemarle Sound area when proprietors tried to enforce the Navigation Acts.
a) Cary Rebellion
b) Culpeper's Rebellion
c) Bacon's Rebellion
d) Albemarle Rebellion

A war between France and Great Britain over which country would control North America.
a) American Revolution
b) French War of Independence
c) French and Indian War
d) Tuscarora War

Sparsely inhabited rural areas.
a) backcountry
b) territory
c) colony
d) region

A backcountry resident who protested the corruption of officials.
a) Admiral
b) Patriarch
c) Bishop
d) Regulator

Owner of a business or colony.
a) proprietor
b) bishop
c) king
d) knight

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