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Scientifically testing food, using the human senses of sight, smell, taste, touch and hearing...
a) Sensory Evaluation
b) Garnish
c) Foodborne Illness
d) Chemical Reaction

An illness caused by eating food that has been contaminated in some way...
a) Foodborne Illness
b) Deficiency Disease
c) Scurvy
d) Diabetes

Using the tools of modern genetics to improve plants, animals and microorganisms for food production...
a) biotechnology
b) variable
c) food processing
d) peristalsis

A mixture that you can see different substances in the mix...
a) heterogeneous mixure
b) homogeneous mixture
c) element
d) compound

A decorative arrangement added to a food or drink...
a) garnish
b) variable
c) solvent
d) incomplete protein

Testable predictions that explain observations...
a) hypothesis
b) constants
c) variables
d) experiments

Factors that DON’T change in an experiment...
a) constants
b) variables
c) hypothesis
d) solvents

The bond formed by the transfer of electrons between a metal and nonmetal...
a) ionic bond
b) covalent bond
c) molecular bond
d) physical change

The change of a substance into another substance...
a) Chemical Change
b) Physical Reaction
c) Heterogeneous Mixture
d) Sensory Evaluation

A factor that can change in an experiment...
a) variable
b) constant
c) hypothesis
d) biotechnology

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