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The bond formed between a metal and a non-metal when a metal transfers an electron to a nonmetal is...
a) an ionic bond
b) a physical bond
c) a molecular bond
d) a covalent bond

The atomic number is the SAME as an atom's
a) atomic mass
b) number of neutrons
c) number of protons
d) number of positrons

An example of a homogeneous mixture is...
a) chocolate chip cookies
b) pepperoni pizza
c) caeser salad
d) butter

Which of the following describes a chemical reaction?
a) melting, freezing, evaporating
b) cutting, condensing, boiling
c) tearing, baking, adding ingredients
d) burning, rusting, dying

A solute is different than a solvent because a SOLUTE...
a) is always a liquid. ex: coffee
b) is the thing that is getting dissolved. ex: sugar
c) is the thing that dissolves another substance. ex: water
d) is the thing that creates a chemical reaction. ex: heat

Water heated to a temperature of 212 F. Large bubbles form and rise to the top of the pan. This is an example of...
a) boiling
b) blanching
c) steaming
d) simmering

An example of a BASE is
a) Coffee
b) Orange Juice
c) Laundry Detergent
d) Soda

What of the following describes an ACID?
a) Acids donate hydroxide (OH-) ions in solution
b) Acids are bitter tasting
c) Acids are slippery
d) Acids donate hydrogen (H+) ions in solution

Which of the following is NOT a job of water?
a) A universal solvent
b) An acid/base indicator
c) A temperature control unit
d) A medium for heat transfer

The phase where substances do not have a definite volume or shape and where particles spread to fit the container is known as...
a) solid
b) synthetic
c) gas
d) liquid

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