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Which of the following property best describes a metalloid?
a) the ability to be bent easily
b) the ability to react easily with all materials
c) the ability to give 1 electron during chemical bonding
d) the ability to conduct under the correct conditions

Which best describes a heterogeneous mixture?
a) it contains only one type of atom
b) it is composed of two or more elements in a fixed pattern
c) it contains two or more types of particles which are easily distinguished.
d) it is composed of two or more substances in which particles are evenly blended so you can't see them

How many protons are in one atom of Iodine (I)?
a) 126.90
b) 53
c) 67.77
d) 15

What does the atomic number tell us?
a) the number of atoms
b) the number of protons
c) the number of neutrons
d) Mr. Goodwin's weight

Which of the following is a compound
a) Oxygen (O)
b) Argon (Ar)
c) Ammonia (NH3)
d) Nitrogen (N)

If Potassium reacts with Oxygen to form a compound in the ratio of two Potassium to one oxygen atom. Element Q also reacts with Potassium in the ratio of two Potassium to one element Q atom. Which is most likely element X?
a) Krypton (Kr)
b) Fluorine (F)
c) Selenium (Se)
d) Nitrogen (N)

Cesium reacts with water. Which element below would most likely react with water also.
a) Magnesium
b) Rubidium
c) Nitrogen
d) Neon

Which of the following correctly describes how the Law of Conservation of Mass relates to a chemical reaction?
a) The reactants and products have the same atoms
b) The reactants and products have exactly the same compounds.
c) The change in the amount of matter is equal to the amount of energy created
d) The change in the matter is less than the total mass you started with.

Which of the following is a physical change?
a) making toast
b) baking muffins
c) melting an ice cube
d) burning down Mr. Goodwin's house

If I was looking at a group of elements on the periodic table that are shiny, malleable, and great conductors, which group below would I be looking at?
a) halogens
b) metalloids
c) nonmetals
d) metals

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