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Every body paragraph should have at least _____ main ideas.
a) 1
b) 2
c) 3
d) 4

The kinds of words that connect your paragraphs and ideas together are called
a) conclusions
b) transitions
c) attention grabbers
d) body paragraphs

What is an attention grabber and where does it go?
a) a story, question, quote, or something that gets the readers attention at the beginning of the essay
b) A story, question, quote, or something that gets the readers attention at the end of the essay
c) A topic sentence that tells what your paper is going to be about at the very beginning of your essay
d) A question that keeps the readers interest in the middle of your essay

You need to have all of the following in your conclusion paragraph, EXCEPT
a) transitions
b) new ideas
c) restatement of your thesis
d) leave with a bang

All of the following information is needed in a resume EXCEPT
a) your parents' names.
b) your name.
c) your education history.
d) your previous work experience.

In a resume, what is a reference?
a) A place where you want to work
b) A place where you have worked
c) A person who can say you'd be a good worker
d) A family member who you've worked for

In a resume, what information should you NOT include in contact information?
a) Address
b) Phone number
c) Myspace/facebook page
d) E-mail address

The purpose of humorous literature is to
a) persuade.
b) entertain.
c) inform.
d) narrate.

Humorous literature can come in _____ form(s).
a) only one
b) many
c) three specific
d) seventeen

A _______ is a form of humorous literature thats often found in a newspaper or magazine.
a) satire
b) friendly letter
c) letter to the editor
d) column

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