Combined Root Word Test (#4 - Cont...) Question Preview (ID: 41366)

Aud, Son, Phon, Bio, Ped. TEACHERS: click here for quick copy question ID numbers.

Harsh sounds; noisy or disturbing sounds
a) assonance
b) cacophony
c) phonograph
d) resonate

Sound, to hear
a) ped
b) vers/vert
c) log
d) aud/son/phon

The zone of planet Earth where there is life (between the deep crust and the lower atmosphere)
a) neurobiology
b) biology
c) biosphere
d) symbiosis

a) son
b) bio
c) aud
d) geo

A medicine used to save lives because it destroys harmful bacteria and cures infections
a) antibiotics
b) biologist
c) biopsy
d) macrobiotic diet

A creature with 1,000 feet
a) centipede
b) tripod
c) millipede
d) quadruped

A four-footed creature
a) millipede
b) quadruped
c) tripod
d) impediment

a) ped
b) man
c) pos
d) sens

Able to be heard
a) audio
b) sonar
c) audible
d) assonance

To join, meet, or link
a) junct/join/jug
b) vers
c) duct
d) struct

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