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One purpose of the Constitution is to establish justice. Which of these is one way the government formed by the Constitution meets this purpose?
a) hearing Supreme Court cases
b) Collecting federal income taxes
c) creating a Department of Education
d) Limiting a presidential term of office

Cotton Gin -- Cotton Production Increased -- ???? -- Abolitionist Movement Grew. Which BEST completes the missing portion?
a) Westward Movement Grew
b) Women's Rights Movement Grew
c) Demand for Slaves increased
d) Norther Population increased

Why did the authors of the Articles of Confederation create a weak central government?
a) Americans followed the ideas for government suggested in the Declaration of Independence
b) Since there were no national problems, there was no need for a government with great powers
c) Colonists feared unlimited government because of the experiences with Britain
d) Due to a lack of money, there was no way to support a strong government

Which of the following individuals led the US to victory in the Battle of New Orleans, making him an American hero and later the President in 1828?
a) John Quincy Adams
b) Martin Van Buren
c) Andrew Jackson
d) James Monroe

Which of the following does NOT correctly describe how the War of 1812 impacted America?
a) War led to many more armed conflicts between the US and Britain throughout the rest of the 1800s
b) American citizens grew more confident in the ability of their military, and it created feelings of patriotism
c) Capital in Washington, DC had to be rebuilt as it, along with many ports and cities in the US, had been destroyed during war
d) America gained international respect as they had defeated arguably the most powerful nation in the world

Which of the following best describes the impressment employed by the British in the War of 1812?
a) British stole cargo from US ships, then forced sailors to buy back the cargo in order to raise money for war against France
b) British established ports in Florida and began to sell goods cheaper than local merchants, driving Americans out of business
c) British raided American towns along the Atlantic Coast, stealing food and other resources their sailors needed
d) British captured American sailors and forced them to sail on British ships and serve the Royal Navy

Which of the following best describes the Treaty of Ghent and its impact on the War of 1812?
a) It was a treaty between Britain and Native American tribes. Britain agreed to help retake Native American land from the US
b) A treaty between US and France that doubled the amount of ships the US could use to fight Britain
c) Treaty signed by the US and Britain that brought an end to the war and restored the borders to what they were before the war
d) Treaty signed by US and Mexico in which US agreed to give Mexico control of California if they send troops and ships to Texas

Following the Civil War, which action was taken to ensure the rights of formerly enslaved people?
a) creating the Freedman's Bureau
b) Signing the Emancipation Proclamation
c) Readmitting the former Confederate States
d) Ratifying new amendments to the US Constitution

Which of the following was NOT a concern about the Articles of Confederation?
a) Protecting individual rights and liberties
b) Providing for national defense
c) Levying taxes
d) Having a stable central government

Which of the following provides the best description of the Articles of Confederation?
a) A group of dependent and weak states
b) A union with bicameral legislature and a president
c) A system with a central and strong government
d) A confederation of strong and powerful state goverments

How was the US Constitution different from the Articles of Confederation?
a) The Constitution provided for the elections of a president
b) The Constitution gave more power to individual states
c) The Constitution made it harder to ratify amendments
d) The Constitution created a national government with three branches

Which of the following explains the purpose of the Federalist Papers?
a) to ask citizens to join the British army
b) to urge people to support the Constitution
c) to convince lawmakers to create the Bill of Rights
d) to encourage people to fight for Mexican Independence

All of the following were part of the Industrial Revolution EXCEPT
a) cotton gin
b) telegraph
c) candles
d) steel plow

All of the following effects of the Industrial Revolution caused conflict in the US EXCEPT-
a) rapid growth of Northern cities
b) increased use of slave labor
c) decline of cottage industries
d) decline in southern farming

The legislative branch ____ laws.
a) makes
b) investigates
c) enforces
d) interprets

Why did delegates of the Constitution Convention argue for replacing the Articles of Confederation?
a) It was written to expire two years after the war was concluded
b) It created a strong central government that overpowered the states
c) It allowed political power to be concentrated in the legislative branch
d) It created a weak national government that could not control the states

Events leading up to the writing of the US Constitution include all of the following EXCEPT
a) violence of Shay's rebellion
b) addition of a Bill of Rights
c) Lack of common currency
d) failure of the Articles of Confederation

Which of these was NOT an event in the War of 1812 that had a lasting effect on America?
a) Thomas Jefferson was able to buy the Louisiana Purchase and give land for America to grow
b) A song was written during a battle at Ft. McHenry that became the national anthem
c) Andrew Jackson was a war hero and went on to be president
d) Dolly Madison saved important documents and paintings when the White House was burned

13th Amendment : ____ :: 15th Amendment : _____
a) freedom.... citizenship
b) citizenship.... freedom
c) voting rights.... citizenship
d) freedom.... voting rights

One outcome of War of 1812 was the writing of which famous work?
a) Yankee Doodle
b) The Pledge of Allegiance
c) The Star Spangled Banner
d) The Declaration of Independence

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