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What does Lorraine's mother do for a living?
a) Doctor
b) Lawyer
c) Teacher
d) Nurse

Who is Bobo?
a) A dog
b) A cat
c) A monkey
d) A kid

How does Lorraine feel about her mother?
a) She hates that she's mean, but feels bad for her sometimes, too.
b) She hates her all the time.
c) She loves her all the time.
d) She loves how she treates her, but not how she treats other people.

Where did Mr. Pignati say Conchetta was when he first met John and Lorraine?
a) California
b) Ohio
c) Dead
d) Minnesota

Why did Lorraine accept the stockings from Mr. Pignati?
a) To wear to school
b) To give to her mother
c) To wear out with her friends
d) To give to John's sister

All of the following were bad omens at the zoo, except
a) there was a child staring at Lorraine.
b) the peanut lady was in a bad mood.
c) Lorraine was attacked by a peacock.
d) the zoo was closed when they first got there.

The librarian has the nickname
a) The Grasshopper.
b) The Beetle.
c) The Cricket.
d) The Bore.

Lorraine's mother does what to the people she takes care of?
a) steals things
b) leaves before she's suppose to
c) abuses them
d) falls asleep at work

Lorraine, John, and the Pigman do what in the store?
a) They run as fast as they can.
b) They play hide-and-go-seek.
c) They rollerskate.
d) They trash the place breaking whatever they can

What is John's dad's nickname?
a) Old Man
b) Hyper
c) The Bore
d) Bathroom Stalker

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