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Because A Midsummer Night's Dream is a _____, it has a ______ ending.
a) comedy, happy
b) tragedy, happy
c) comedy, sad
d) tragedy, sad

At the end of the play, Puck tells the audience that if they didn't like the play, they should think of it as a
a) curse.
b) blessing.
c) tragedy.
d) dream.

In The Pigman, why are John and Lorraine writing this story?
a) As a memorial to John's mom
b) As a memorial to Lorraine's dad
c) As a memorial to Angelo Pignati
d) Because they have detention

What was John's nickname?
a) The Colossal Fruit Roller
b) The Bathroom Bandit
c) The Fruit Roll Up
d) The Bathroom Bomber

Which of the following best describes Lorraine's personality?
a) Sneaky, liar, conceited
b) Outgoing, loud, obnoxious
c) Quiet, self-conscious, low self-esteem
d) Mean, angry, vicious

What profession does John want to have when he gets older?
a) Nurse
b) Writer
c) Musician
d) Actor

According to Lorraine, why did Mr. Pignati stay on the line during her first call to him?
a) The phone is broken so he can't hang up.
b) He is lonely.
c) He is suicidal.
d) John won't let him hang up.

Why did John get interested in Mr. Pignati at first?
a) He felt bad for him.
b) He wanted to steal from his house.
c) He wanted to collect $10.
d) He had a good feeling about the old man.

Why didn't John want Norton to know about the L&J Fund?
a) He was afraid Norton would kill Mr. Pignati.
b) He was afraid Norton would take advantage of Mr. Pignati.
c) He was afraid Norton would call the cops.
d) Lorraine would not let him.

How did John convince Lorraine to go to Mr. Pignati's to collect the money?
a) He told her Pignati had cancer.
b) He told her Pignati was suicidal.
c) He told her Pignati really wanted to give it to them.
d) He told her he will make her disappear.

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