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Where is the Cockpit located on most flying devises?
a) The front of the aircraft
b) The back of the aircraft
c) The midpoint of the aircraft
d) In the Air traffic control tower

What are aircraft Wings primarily used for?
a) A rigid horizontal structure that projects from both sides of an aircraft and supports it in the air.
b) A flat piece, usually of wood, metal, or plastic, hinged vertically near the stern of a boat or ship for steering.
c) A type of high-lift hinged movable device used to increase the lift.
d) Object that are intended to reduce aerodynamic side slip and provide direction stability.

What is a Supernova?
a) A star that suddenly increases greatly in brightness because of a catastrophic explosion that ejects most of its mass.
b) The formation of a star.
c) The giant swirling circle of dust and debris that form a solar system.
d) The mass that equals that of Earth.

Which statement (s) describe a star?
a) A type of astronomical object consisting of a luminous spheroid of plasma held together by its own gravity
b) Earth's sun.
c) Nuclear fusion reactions in its core support the star against gravity and produce photons and heat, as well as small amounts
d) All available choices

Which of the following formulas are used to calculate Mass?
a) m equals m/ A
b) I equals E/R
c) A equals LW
d) A equals s2

What country successfully launched the first satellite into space? and what was the name of the satellite?
a) Russia / Sputnik
b) USA / Apollo 11
c) China / Tiangong-1
d) Germany / Rosat

The ________________ hypothesis describes the formation of our solar system from a nebula cloud made from a collection of dust and gas.
a) Solar Nebula
b) Theory of Relativity
c) Heliocentric Universe
d) Geocentric Universe

The Heliocentric Universe Theory states:
a) The Sun is the center of our universe.
b) The Earth is the center of our universe
c) Mars is the center of our universe
d) Saturn's moon (s) are the center of our universe.

Which statement (s) describe Astrophysics?
a) The branch of astronomy concerned with the physical nature of stars and other celestial bodies.
b) The application of the laws and theories of physics to the interpretation of astronomical observations.
c) Is literally “space science.
d) All available choices

Which statement describes our solar system's Asteroid Belt?
a) The region of space between the orbits of Mars and Jupiter where most of the asteroids in our Solar System are found.
b) A belt of asteroids that circumvent the Earth
c) The only asteroids in our universe
d) The region of space between the orbits of Mercury and Venus where most of the asteroids in our Solar System are found.

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