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The unique properties of water result mainly from the polarity of its molecules. Which statement BEST describes this polarity?
a) Some water molecules attract each other, and some repel each other
b) A water molecule has two magnetic poles, a north pole and a south pole.
c) The oxygen side of one water molecule repels the hydrogen side of another water molecule
d) The oxygen side of a water molecule has a different electrical charge from the hydrogen side

Which statement describes an example of capillary action?
a) Sodium chloride dissolves in water
b) An insect walks on the surface of a pond
c) Water enters the atmosphere from the surface of the ocean
d) A tree draws water through tubes of tissues to supply its leaves

Which property of water allows it to dissolve many different substances?
a) adhesion
b) cohesion
c) high specific heat
d) high boiling point

Which of the following is a property of water that allows a water strider to walk on the surface of water?
a) solubility
b) high specific heat
c) cohesion
d) low freezing point

Which statement best describes an effect of the low density of frozen water in a lake?
a) Water in a lake freezes from the bottom up, killing most aquatic organisms
b) Water removes thermal energy from the land around a lake, causing the lake to freeze
c) When water freezes, it contracts, decreasing the water level in a lake.
d) When water in a lake freezes, it floats, providing insulation for organisms below

What kinds of bonds can form between two adjacent water molecules?
a) Polar Covalent
b) Ionic
c) Hydrogen
d) Covalent

Why does ice float in water?
a) Water is more dense as a solid than it is as a liquid
b) Water is less dense as a solid than it is as a liquid
c) Ice will only float at very cold temperatures
d) Adhesion causes ice to stick to water

If “like dissolves like,” then which molecule or substance would water NOT be able to dissolve?
a) An ionic molecule
b) A polar molecule
c) A nonpolar molecule
d) Water can dissolve everything

Water molecules are polar, with the
a) oxygen side being slightly positive and the hydrogen side being slightly negative
b) oxygen and hydrogen sides being slightly positive
c) oxygen and hydrogen sides being slightly negative
d) oxygen side being slightly negative and the hydrogen side being slightly positive.

Which property of water allows fallen leaves to float on a lake, providing food for organisms living near its surface?
a) cohesion
b) adhesion
c) capillary action
d) high boiling point

What type of bond occurs between the Hydrogen and Oxygen in a single water molecule?
a) Polar Covalent
b) Ionic
c) Hydrogen
d) Metallic

What charge do the hydrogen atoms in water have?
a) Slightly Negative
b) Slightly Positive
c) Neutral
d) Strongly Negative

What property of water is defined as water molecules sticking together?
a) Adhesion
b) Acidic
c) Polar
d) Cohesion

Which term means 'water-fearing' or 'water-hating?'
a) Hydrophilic
b) Hydropolar
c) Hydrophobic
d) Hydrolysis

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