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Why does Puck put flower juice in Lysander's eyes?
a) Oberon told him to.
b) He thought Lysander was Demetrius.
c) He doesn't think Lysander and Hermia belong together.
d) Titania told him to.

Why are the men putting on a play?
a) They were asked to by the King.
b) They wanted to surprise the King on his wedding day.
c) In remembrance of a King that died
d) They wanted to make money.

How do Snout and Bottom decide to keep from frightening the women?
a) They have a girl play the lion.
b) They take the lion out of the play.
c) They make the lion a kitten instead.
d) They decide to make the lion explain that he is not real.

Who was turned into a donkey?
a) Snout
b) Flute
c) Bottom
d) Quince

Why are the men that are putting on the play uspet on the day of the play?
a) Bottom is missing.
b) No one knows the lines.
c) They play got cancelled.
d) Puck stole all of the props.

Who is the only person that feels bad for the actors during Pyramus and Thisbe?
a) Demetrius
b) Hippolyta
c) Bottom
d) Theseus

By the end of the play, Helena is married to
a) Lysander
b) Theseus
c) Demetrius
d) Puck

By the end of the play, Hermia is married to
a) Lysander.
b) Theseus.
c) Demetrius.
d) Puck.

Who are the King and Queen of the fairies?
a) Titania and Oberon
b) Hippolyta and Theseus
c) Demetrius and Hermia
d) Helena and Lysander

Who is the only character still affected by magic in the end?
a) Lysander
b) Helena
c) Hermia
d) Demetrius

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