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First Section Of Civil Rights And Modern GA.[print questions]

What was the result of the 1946 Governor’s Race?
a) Eugene Talmadge got well and became governor
b) Herman Talmadge (Eugene’s son) became governor by a Supreme Court Ruling.
c) Melvin Thompson (the lt. governor) became governor by a Supreme Court Ruling
d) Ellis Arnall (the current governor) became governor after re-election

- Both believed in equal rights for African-Americans - Both were born in Georgia - Both were winners of the Nobel Peace Prize The clues above describe what two people?
a) Ivan Allen, Jr. and William Hartsfield
b) Eugene Talmadge and Herman Talmadge
c) Ellis Arnall and Jimmy Carter
d) Jimmy Carter and Martin Luther King, Jr.

The Atlanta Georgian Our New Governor is a Fan of Segregation! The headline above describes a man who threw African-Americans out of his restautant and later became governor. During his term, he elected many African-Americans to high-ranking posit
a) Lester Maddox
b) Carl Sanders
c) Eugene Talmadge
d) Joe Frank Harris

These two mayors of Atlanta helped to keep the city calm during the civil rights movement:
a) Ivan Allen and Benjamin Mayes
b) Ellis Arnall and Eugene Talmadge
c) Ivan Allen, Jr. and William Hartsfield
d) Maynard Jackson and Andrew Young

This white mayor originally brought aviation to Atlanta:
a) William Hartsfield
b) Maynard Jackson
c) Ivan Allen, Jr.
d) Benjamin Mayes

This mayor brought the Braves and other sports teams to Atlanta:
a) William Hartsfield
b) Ivan Allen, Jr.
c) Andrew Young
d) Maynard Jackson

This Supreme Court case stated that it was unconstitutional for public schools in the United States to be segregated.
a) Brown v. Board of Education
b) Topeka v. Washington State
c) Plessy v. Ferguson
d) None of the Above

Who was the first African-American mayor of Atlanta?
a) Jimmy Carter
b) Maynard Jackson
c) Martin Luther King, Jr.
d) Andrew Young

This was the name of Dr. King’s march that led him to the foot of the Lincoln Memorial. There, he gave a famous speech.
a) March for Progress
b) March for Pride
c) March on Washington
d) March for Freedom

This organization asked people's opinions and held hearings to test the public on integration and found that many white Georgians would rather close schools altogether than integrate:
a) The SNCC
b) The SCLC
c) the Sibley Commission
d) the NAACP

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