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Emergency Preparedness. TEACHERS: click here for quick copy question ID numbers.

a sequence of actions that maximize the victim's chances of survival
a) good samaritan laws
b) chain of survival
c) universal precautions
d) emergency survival kit

steps taken to prevent the spread of disease through body fluids when providing first aid or health care
a) universal precautions
b) first aid
c) good samaritan law
d) emergency survival kit

a series of vibrations in the earth caused by sudden movements of the earth's crust.
a) earthquakes
b) tornado
c) hurricane
d) blizzard

floods in which a dangerous volume of water builds up in a short time
a) flash flood
b) tornado
c) earthquake
d) hurricane

a snowstorm with winds that reach 35 miles and hour or more
a) earthquake
b) blizzard
c) hurricane
d) flash flood

A whirling, funnel-shaped windstorm that extends from a storm to the ground and advances along the ground
a) tornado
b) hurricane
c) blizzard
d) earthquakes

law that protects rescuers from being sued for giving emergency care
a) good samaritan law
b) first aid
c) emergency survival kit
d) universal precautions

the immediate temporary care of a person who is injured
a) first aid
b) emergency survival kit
c) universal precaution
d) good samaratian law

a set of items you will need in an emergency
a) hurricane
b) tornado
c) blizzard
d) emergency survival kit

A powerful storm that generally forms in tropical areas, producing winds of at least 74 miles per hour, and heavy rains
a) hurricanes
b) tornado
c) blizzard
d) earthquake

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