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What is the measurement for temperature in the SI (metric) system?
a) kilograms
b) Fahrenheit
c) Celsius
d) volume

The freezing and boiling point of water in the US Customary System is:
a) 0 degrees to 180 degrees
b) 32 degrees to 212 degrees
c) 0 degrees to 100 degrees
d) 0 degrees to 212 degrees

Which of the following is the unit of measure of energy?
a) force
b) watts
c) BTU's
d) pounds

Which unit of measurement is used for both weight and volume in the US Customary?
a) pounds
b) feet
c) ounces
d) cups

Which of the following is the appropriate term for the absolute Fahrenheit scale?
a) Rankine
b) Celsius
c) Kelvin
d) metric

Which of the following best describes the function of the rule?
a) It is a straight edge used for marking lines.
b) It is used to measure diameter.
c) It is used to measure length, width, and thickness.
d) It is used to measure angles.

Joules and calories are used in the measurement of:
a) pressure.
b) speed.
c) energy.
d) torque.

The calibrated container is used to measure:
a) volume.
b) mass.
c) weight.
d) diameter.

What are the two measurement systems used in the world today?
a) Customary and SI
b) SI and metric
c) American and European
d) Customary and American

Instruments that are used to measure mass are:
a) calipers.
b) weight scale.
c) digital.
d) micrometer.

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