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Identify Between Abiotic And Biotic Factors.[print questions]

Temperature, air, light, water, and soil are all ________________ parts of the environment.
a) alive
b) abiotic
c) biotic
d) living

What is an example of an abiotic factor?
a) Panda
b) Butterfly
c) Oak Tree
d) Weather

What is an example of a biotic factor?
a) Rocks
b) Trees
c) Sunlight
d) Rain

Which of the following has only biotic factors?
a) Sunlight, kelp, and temperature.
b) Sunlight, soil, and weather.
c) Crab, dog, rose bush.
d) Crab, dog, salt water.

What is an example of a biotic factor that would affect the size of a deer herd?
a) Their predators, mountain lions.
b) Lack of oxygen at high altitudes.
c) Too many loose rocks on the ground that prevent them from escaping their predators.
d) Too much rain which is causing floods.

Lizards and cacti are biotic factors in a desert ecosystem that would rely on which abiotic factors?
a) insects and sun
b) snakes and temperature
c) water and insects
d) water and sunlight

What two biotic factors would compete for the biotic factors of fish and seals?
a) Great white sharks and seaweed
b) Great white sharks and killer whales
c) Killer whales and seaweed
d) Dolphins and sand

Pandas eat bamboo. Are pandas and bamboo biotic or abiotic factors?
a) Pandas are biotic, bamboo is abiotic
b) Pandas are abiotic, bamboo is biotic
c) Both are abiotic
d) Both are biotic

Lizards take in sunlight to regulate their body temperature. Are lizards and sunlight biotic or abiotic factors?
a) Lizards are biotic, sunlight is abiotic
b) Lizards are abiotic, sunlight is biotic
c) Both are abiotic
d) Both are biotic

Which of the following is an abiotic factor that affects humans?
a) Crop availability to provide food
b) Having a shelter, such as a home.
c) Having pets, such as dogs and cats
d) Getting chased by a bear

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