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This organelle makes proteins using directions from DNA:
a) ribosomes
b) mitochondria
c) cell membrane
d) nucleus

The process of DNA copying itself is:
a) cheating
b) sublimation
c) mutation
d) replication

Strands of DNA that are twisted together are called:
a) genes
b) chromosomes
c) nitrogen bases
d) genotypes

a) contains coded instructions that store and pass on genetic information from one generation to the next
b) is the exact same in all family members
c) stands for dynamic nuclear activity
d) is not found in plants

DNA is made of interlocking nucleotides. A nucleotide consists of one of each of the following:
a) phospate, sugar, carbon base
b) nitrogen base, nucleic acid, sugar
c) phosphate, sugar, protein
d) phosphate, sugar, nitrogen base

Which new strand of DNA would correctly pair with ATCGA

Adenine only pairs with:
a) guanine
b) cytosine
c) thymine
d) nitrogen

Because DNA is like a twisted ladder, the STEPS of this ladder are:
a) phosphates
b) sugars
c) nitrogen bases
d) alleles

What shape is DNA in?
a) straight line
b) funnel shaped
c) wavelengths
d) double helix

Where is DNA found in a cell?
a) the ribosomes
b) the nucleus
c) the mitochondria
d) the cell membrane

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