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Review Topics For The Probability Test (Q3 Test 3). TEACHERS: click here for quick copy question ID numbers.

If you want to find the probability of choosing 5 objects from a group of 50 and the order does not matter, what would you use?
a) Permutation
b) Counting Principle
c) Combination
d) Probability of Grouping

How many possible sandwiches of one meat, one cheese, and one condiment can be made from wheat, white, rye breads, turkey, ham, and bacon, and Swiss, American, and Provolone cheeses?
a) 9
b) 18
c) 3
d) 27

What is the maximum number of different 5-digit passwords that can be created from the numbers 0-9 without repetition?
a) 30,240
b) 3125
c) 100,000
d) 50

What is the formula for the number of combinations?
a) C=n!/(n-r)!r!
b) C=n!/r!
c) C=r!/(n-r)!
d) C=n!/(n-r)!

What is the probability a particular student is chosen president and another particular student is chosen vice president from a group of 5 nominees?
a) 2/5
b) 1/5
c) 1/10
d) 1/20

What is the formula for the number of permutations?
a) P=n!/(n-r)!r!
b) P=n!/r!
c) P=r!/(n-r)!
d) P=n!/(n-r)!

How many different pairs of books (groups of 2) can be chosen from a list of seven books to be read for book reports?
a) 10
b) 21
c) 42
d) 5040

A box contains 7 blue marbles, 6 red marbles, 2 white marbles, and 3 black marbles. What is the probability one marble selected at random will be red?
a) 0.25
b) 0.2
c) 0.33
d) 0.42

When two dice are rolled, what is the probability that a selected die is a 4, given that the sum of the die is 9?
a) 1/6
b) 1/4
c) 1/3
d) 1/2

What is the probability of drawing a Jack OR a six from a standard deck of cards without jokers?
a) 2/52
b) 1/26
c) 2/13
d) 1/2704

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